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An efficient building design can be achieved only after a thorough analysis of the facility's intended function.

Total Planning

Terry believes in total, personalized service throughout the drafting, design and construction process.  Maintaining close communication with the client and their staff, he systematically develops a building design based on the specific requirements of the project.  His interior design experience helps in the planning of the interior areas of the facility, addressing the special functions of the project’s operation.  From the development of the basic design to the completion of construction, Terry provides professional and thorough services to maximize the effectiveness of the project.

Comprehensive Approach

Terry’s approach to the design of a facility is firmly based on a thorough understanding of its function and overall image requirements.  Terry works to identify the organization's specific needs through close communication with the client and their staff.  Budget parameters are also considered as well as the many building systems required to make the total facility effective.  Only through these initial steps can Terry create an objective design, which will address the organization's specific requirements.

Budget Awareness

With Terry’s comprehensive building design documentation, construction costs are accurately monitored to keep your project within budget.  From bidding and negotiation to construction administration and the final walk-through, Terry’s exhaustive attention to detail has been proven to save time and money, reducing the need for change orders, cost over-runs and unexpected time delays.

A Package Deal

As a design professional, Terry creates a building design that closely meets the client’s specific requirements.  However, the facility's functional design does not stop with the layout of its general spaces.  Professional planning of the building's interior finishes and furnishings is critical in optimizing the facility's functional potential.  Terry can provide complete and professional interior design services closely coordinated with the entire facility design package.

Facilities Planning

Terry works closely with the client and their staff to learn and evaluate the intended function of the workplace.  Problems and requirements of each department are identified and addressed in relationship to the facility as a whole.  After analyzing factors such as communication ties, traffic flow, paper passage and departmental and employee links, Terry will create an interior designed to increase the productivity of your facility.

Interior Design, Finishes and Furnishings

As a specialist in the area of interior design and space planning, Terry provides the information necessary for proper coordination between the building design, the building developers and furniture vendors.  From facility planning to finish and furnishing selections, Terry provides objective, concise and complete design documentation.  Recognizing the reality of budget limitations, Terry works only within affordable parameters in developing the project’s design.  He specifies finish and furnishing items, which represent high quality and long service life but are truly affordable.

Cost Savings

Interior design services by Terry can always be included in a building design project.  This saves the expense of contracting with an interior design team that is unfamiliar with the project.  If new furnishings are to be included, Terry's professional experience can save you additional money by overseeing competitive bidding and negotiating with furniture vendors.  Working as a team, Terry and the client can provide a quality cohesive design to successfully meet the functional and image requirements of the project.

Space Analysis and Planning

Terry’s services may include space planning and interior design.  Using a systematic approach, the requirements of each department are analyzed and addressed in relation to the building as a whole.  This information is then combined with the facility's building design requirements.  The result is a cohesive design based on the total needs of the project’s organization.  Terry may also assist in selecting interior finishes to coordinate with the style of the building and promote the desired image of the project.

Master Planning

In planning many facilities, future growth is as important as current needs.  Terry helps clients devise a Master Plan for the proposed facility which provides a cohesive design direction for future expansions or changes in departmental use.  As growth occurs in the client’s organization, Terry can assist in prioritizing expansion or remodel projects, identifying those which will have the greatest effect in meeting the project’s space needs.  The Master Plan will also address budget issues, specifying areas where today's building costs may save in future operational and Life-Cycle costs.

Meeting the Project’s Needs

Whether the client’s organizational needs can be served with one building or several, effective facility planning is an important step in meeting specific requirements.  Whatever the size of the organization, Terry has the experience, working knowledge and systematic approach to design for those needs.

Project History

Terry has achieved over thirty-nine years of extensive experience in designing all types of building types and systems in both the residential and non-residential area.  His expertise has encompassed a wide range of designs from complete master planning of sites and their construction, to smaller individual buildings and the rehabilitation of existing facilities.  Types of facilities have varied from industrial maintenance yards, to healthcare facilities and educational institutions from elementary through college level